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Ventes Avenues


Ventes Avenues is a Mobile Adtech Company specializing in mobile branding, performance and technology solutions. In addition to having its own proprietary Adtech Solutions, it has also tied up with few global technology experts for India exclusive partnerships. They have a very strong traction, working with renowned global brands across domains

Founders background:
With over 15 years of expertise in technology, operations, and performance, Bala excels in partnering with stakeholders to drive innovation across media, entertainment, payments, loyalty, and rewards sectors. Similarly, Fauzan brings over 15 years of experience in client servicing, business development, media sales, brand management, and corporate communication. Together, they form a formidable team adept at delivering path-breaking solutions and shaping new opportunities.

• 750 Million Users - Globally across markets from India to US
• 150K Daily Installs - Across Verticals including Gaming, E-Commerce, Entertainment and Travel
• 200+ Apps - SDK Integrated for high quality Users and Data Signals
• 6 Offices across 4 countries - India, Singapore, Vietnam and China (New additions in Malaysia, Indonesia and USA)
• USD 9 Mn - 2022-23 Revenues (slight dip from previous year revenues of USD 11.6Mn due to dip in ad spends across markets / domains)
• Rebounding again this year with a good start in Q1 to achieve USD 15Mn targets for current financial year
• 15 to 20% - EBITDA Margins
• 71 people team – with 78% annual retention rate

The venture is raising USD 6.1 Mn equity funding for 24 months to increase its top-line by 4X to USD 43.4Mn.
Avenues emerges as a prominent force in the Mobile Ad Tech industry, boasting a strong track record as the preferred partner to leading international publishers in India and the global market. Renowned for their expertise in tech and marketing precision, they have nurtured deep relationships and a wide-ranging experience, enabling them to comprehend brand requirements like no other. They excel in tech and marketing precision, representing esteemed clients like Audi, Colgate, Samsung, and more. Their Realtime Machine Learning-powered adtech platform optimizes results, and their foray into Full Stack Digital Marketing promises measurable success.

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