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Real estate agents continue to be a key driver of distribution in the real estate industry. According to reports 90% stock in the secondary market and 70% stock in the primary market has been sold through agents in 2022 - 2023.

Indian prop tech space today is segregated in 3 parts, marketplaces which focus on demand and discovery and not transactions, big brokerage firms - which create margins on top of agents, and have regional presence, consumer to consumer companies who are wanting to eliminate agents.

Tranzac, offers a digital platform for real estate agents empowering them with agent to agent marketplace for better collaboration, access to verified owner supply ( primary and secondary ) to enhance their business, AI powered open market integrated sales CRM

1. Agent to Agent Marketplace - Agents can post properties or clients and are matched with other agents for corresponding clients and properties. This enables 1+1 deals faster and across the platform, not restricted to micro markets or whatsapp groups.

2. Verified Owner Supply - Having tried multiple portals to sell properties, the stakeholders realized that the bigger the distribution within agents, the better chances of property getting sold. Tranzac generates and offers owner inventory to agents at subscription.

3. AI powered open market integrated sales CRM - The proprietary AI algos help agents to get alerts in real time against their customers for any new property / offer available across the market. It can generate marketing collaterals / messages that agents can directly send to their clients and keep them engaging. It also offer real time generation of projects comparison sheets

It aims to create more and more tools for Agents and empower them. With this platform they also get a lot of insights about agents' performance across projects, micro-markets which enables them to provide real estate developers with advanced analytics and marketing engines.

Through Tranzac’s analytics platform they are able to give deeper analytics for a developer for their projects with actionable targeting and engagement tools like surveys, events, posts. Developers can pick any demographic of agents and send communications as they do for customers via facebook / google marketing tools.

Tranzac aims to become the Uber of Real Estate industry, and are rightly positioned to execute with a seasoned team.

Founders’ background:
The founders of Tranzac bring a wealth of experience to the table, totalling over 24 years in the real estate and technology sectors. One founder boasts 14 years of expertise in real estate startups, having held pivotal positions at 4B Networks, Anarock, JLL, and Indiahomes. The other founder, with over a decade of experience, has honed his skills in leading tech teams at and Anarock Consulting, with a significant role at 4B Networks prior to co-founding Tranzac.

Market Size and Traction:
Tranzac Real Estate App is gaining momentum with 15,000+ verified listings, 60,000+ broker interactions, and an average of 60 minutes spent per broker, showcasing its growing impact in the real estate market.

With a Targetable Addressable Market of USD 547 Million, Tranzac’s mission is to redefine real estate through seamless transactions and verified listings.

With a fund ask of USD 2 million and major presence in Pune, Tranzac plans to set a foot in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.

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