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Kheti Buddy


Introducing KhetiBuddy, an integrated Ag-FAAS* platform designed to support farmers and farming enterprises. they offer tailor-made modules which help in effectively managing, measuring, and monitoring their sustainability goals on agriculture. Through their modules on pre-harvest and post harvest we help in digitizing the entire agri value chain with a focus on improving yield, soil health and regenerative agriculture.

Founders background:
Khetibuddy was founded by Vinay and Richa. Vinay is a Harvard Alumni and has 25+ years experience in technology primarily on cloud based business applications. His expertise is around recommending the right technology to resolve business challenges. Dr. Richa a doctorate in Science has 25+ years experience in agriculture and allied sectors. She founded her biologicals company which manufactures organic certified agri inputs and today serves more than 500,000+ farmers.

Market Size and Traction:
In India, where 180 hectares of land are available for agriculture, KhetiBuddy sees enormous potential to reshape farming practices and foster sustainability.
With a revenue of 90 lakh, a brand funnel of 10, coverage of 200 acres, a user base of 1 million, and engagement with 300,000 farmers, KhetiBuddy is making a tangible difference.

With a fund ask of 1.7 million With its solid foundation and proven success, KhetiBuddy is poised for expansion. Seeking strategic investment.

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