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AgriOwn is an AgriTech-FaaS startup committed to empowering smallholder farmers. Their mission is to democratize access to cutting-edge agricultural technology by offering IoT-based farm mechanization solutions and services on a Pay-per-use model. They leverage Drone technology to revolutionize farming practices, gathering crucial insights for informed decision-making. This not only benefits Human Health but also contributes to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. AgriOwn's innovative approaches promise to drive positive change in the agricultural sector.

Founders’ Background:
Agriown boasts a dynamic team of entrepreneurs with a collective experience exceeding 20 years in the agricultural industry. Their profound understanding of the sector drives Agriown's mission to deliver unparalleled Agritech solutions tailored to the needs of Indian farmers.

Market Size and Traction:
With agriculture contributing a substantial 18% to the nation's GDP and benefiting 15 million farmers through agritech solutions, Agriown taps into a lucrative market opportunity. Having established a strong presence primarily in Maharashtra and Gujarat, Agriown has recorded an impressive turnover of over INR 13 crore in the last three months alone. Serving more than 30,000 farmers to date, Agriown is rapidly gaining traction and transforming the agricultural landscape.

With a fund ask of 1 million With its solid foundation and proven success, Agriown is poised for expansion. Seeking strategic investment, Agriown aims to scale its operations nationwide, catering to the needs of farmers across all the cities

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