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MediCtrl is transforming traditional hospitals in India with digital adoption to provide superior outcomes, pricetransparency, and patient experience. With a commitment to technology & data-driven decision making, Medicntrl streamlines all the operations of their Hospitals to achieve rapid growth & success

Founders’ background:
Founders’ Background: All the founders of Medictrl bring extensive experience in healthcare to the forefront. With a collective tenure of 14-15 years, they have honed their skills while working with prominent companies such as Healthian and Apollo Hospital. Their deep understanding of the healthcare industry forms the backbone of Medictrl, ensuring a solid foundation for innovation and success in revolutionizing healthcare services.

Medictrl has demonstrated remarkable growth and operational efficiency in the healthcare arena. With a total of 100 beds spread across two hospitals, Medictrl serves a bustling city. Its dedicated medical team, comprising 40 professionals, ensures quality care for over 5000 monthly patients. This commitment to excellence reflects in Medictrl's impressive monthly revenue of 85 lakhs. Moreover, Medictrl's non-medical team, consisting of 50 members, contributes to its seamless operations. Currently active in two hospitals, Medictrl continues to expand its footprint, enhancing accessibility to healthcare services in the communities it serves.

With a fund ask of USD 2 million and major presence in Pune, Medictrl plans to set a foot in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai.

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