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Introduction: Aynna is poised to revolutionize the beauty industry with its innovative social commerce platform. The platform seamlessly integrates salon bookings, genuine product recommendations, and community collaboration to address the common struggles faced by beauty enthusiasts, professionals, salons, and brands. Prioritizing transparent reviews, streamlined offer visibility, and expert validation from esteemed hair and skin experts, Aynna empowers users to make informed choices and foster meaningful connections within the beauty community.

Founder’s background : Ashish, a Mumbai based entrepreneur with a BBA from Kingston University brings nine years of project management and sales experience, founding the successful tech startup Spoint. Complementing Ashish is Shrayan, a Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science expert, specializing in Machine Learning and AI from the University of London.

Market and Traction: In a thriving $37.63 billion Indian beauty and personal care market, Aynna stands out by creating a unified marketplace for salon services, products and content with transparent reviews and trusted recommendations. With 200k monthly Instagram visitors, partnership with 150+ salons, 1000 app installs, Aynna is poised to make a significant impact in the beauty industry.

Scalability: They seek an investment of $2.15 million for development of a robust IT infrastructure and to meet marketing and administrative costs.

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