• Rajeev Manjrekar

FAQ # 2 - Should we vacate our office?

Advice - Not necessary that you have to vacate the office immediately, the bad times are not going to last for long and sooner or later we all will be again shifting back to working from a formal working space. You may start using the office for weekly team meetings and client interactions (with due precautions and sanitisation) However please do the following...

1. Renegotiate for a moratorium or deffered payment option for at least 3 months with your landlord

2. Rearrange the work desks keeping in mind the social distancing that will be required

3. Plan for a rotational shift, either split the team in 2 shifts or opt for an 'odd-even' alternate day reporting

4. If majority of the team is dependent on public transport to commute, then look at sub-letting a part of your office and picking up smaller offices in the localities closer to their residences. This will reduce the risk of team members getting affected while commuting to office and even if any person get infected, it will not affect the others in the team working from other locations.

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