• Rajeev Manjrekar

FAQ # 12 - How long will the the lock down continue?

Advice - Covid19 turns out to be a much worse situation than the financial recession of 2008. Back then only the market fundamentals was an issue and the bounce back was a lot easier. This time however it is a global pandemic and there is no solution for some time now. The impact is much wider as it has shaken the basics of human survival and hence a greater economic impact across boundaries.

Having said this we humans are much evolved and have a better stronger survival instinct. If we take some basic precautions and get ready to fight back we should be able to get over this too.

My take, it should take another 2 quarters for the doctors and scientists to discover a vaccine. However the economy can't wait and we need to get up and restart the engines. I agree, there will be some collateral damage in the process but we have to live with it for some time.

The government will gradually shift the responsibilities to the people at large. Ultimately we have to take onus and get back on our feet.

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