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User Friendly Technology for HR Professionals

Technology has become the decider and decoder of the work today at any level. Datakatalyst creates applications and solutions that use cutting edge technology and systems to help companies locate, train and retain their teams, whether on Temporary or Permanent basis. We cater to diversified requirements of companies operating in multiple sectors, helping them acquire a perfect-fit workforce that delivers, and contributes to their vision. In addition to this, we provide tools for HR Heads to map, design and implement future manpower strategies to stay ahead.

Skills transformed into Employment

On the workforce level, Datakatalyst is dedicated to play a catalyst role for the blue-collared and grey-collared contractual work population of India. This platform helps them to search for better opportunities to apply their efforts, hone their skills and improve prospects for a better life and livelihood. We strive to ensure them not just sure employment, but continuous employment all through the calendar. “ower strategies to stay ahead”.

Millions of Profiles – Verified and Validated

Datakatalyst is responsive to a young and proactive India and is part of the Skill India Mission. In our quest, we have allied with the Government of India and have complete access to the Aadhar Card Biometric databank to map the skilled and semi-skilled workforce in the country. We also have strategic tie-ups with the government’s Skills Development Centers (SDCs) situated across India, with a live feed of data that can be accessed online through their employment portal.

At Datakatalyst, we understand that finding the perfect workforce – whether temporary or permanent – is like sailing the seas and having little to drink. We are committed to help fresh talent reach companies by becoming the channel and platform to make companies and workforce meet. No middlemen. No hassles. Try us!

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