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Datakatalyst takes a 360 degree approach to the recruitment process. Using cloud computing technology for real-time database access, business intelligence tools and software applications powered by complex algorithms. We provide data analytics to industry, helping companies take informed decisions regarding teams. We have become an official point of contact between companies HR and Production teams, thanks to our emphasis on accuracy of function and ease in use.

Datakatalyst doesn’t limit itself to the function of a recruiter. We go much beyond these traditional compartments, and think from the inside out, to truly create value and deliver strong benefits to both, industry and individuals. Our partnerships with Skills Development Centers across the country, our tech specialisation, our globally reputed understanding of micro and macro-level skills requirements, and grass root ties with the government administration posits us as a partner for a hassle-free future for companies and a springboard for gainful careers.

India is the world’s most youthful pot-boiler of talent and manpower. As a global skilling venture we can fulfill domestic as well as international demands. Datakatalyst aims to predict, process and meet these demands in a timely manner through various offline initiatives too. While technology can streamline, simplify and speed up the actual hiring process, we also focus on creating environments through strategic events like corporate job fairs, mass placement initiatives at educational institutes, coupled with complete migration and payroll assistance in real time.

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