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Jungle Raj Impact on Staffing Industry

With the just concluded Bihar assembly elections, the people of the state have chosen to go back to the dark era of jungle raj which was marred by the 3C’s – corruption, caste and communal politics for past few decades. Now the second generation of Yadav clan will take over, as Lalu cannot loot the state any more due to legal restrictions. I have been following this great Indian political tamasha with much anticipation over the last one month. When the counting started yesterday with the urban constituencies and postal ballots, there was a flicker of hope as these are the people who have migrated to better parts of the country and seen what development is all about. Alas but when the voting machines of the rural Bihar (which still constitutes to major part of the state) were hooked on to counting machines, the good early trends were washed off. The Nitish – Lalu combine got a thumping majority to rule the state of Bihar, with no plans for development for next 5 years.

How does it affect India as a nation? Well the migration of poor people will continue to developed cities of India in search of work. With very few government job openings in Bihar, that too being claimed by lakhs of over qualified youths of the state with contacts, the economically backward low end work force are left with no employment. In addition to this when there is no law and order in the jungle raj, the lesser educated but skilled people have no option but to migrate to greener pastures to survive.

For the other cities, it does put a pressure on the infrastructure but at least there is a steady flow of low end workforce for Industries to keep the shop floor and production units working round the clock in multiple shifts. The tertiary service industries also get the grey collared skills such as drivers, cooks, maids, security guards, delivery boys, etc. in huge numbers. This is indeed good news for the industrially developed parts of the country and the contractual staffing industry, which facilitates legal migration. They do not have to worry about getting these blue and grey collared work force for at least next 5 years. Their payroll numbers will continue to grow with development taking a back seat in Bihar.

We will have to wait and see if this repeats for state assembly elections due in West Bengal early next year…


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